Dutchvblog, a personal blog about virtualization and automation written by a Dutch guy (hence the name). My name is Wesley van Ede and I have been an IT professional for the biggest part of my life. I have been focusing on managing and consulting virtualization and cloud management products for the past 6-10 years.

Currently I work at VMware as a Professional Services Staff Consultant for the NEMEA region. My main focus is Automation and VCF. The reason for starting this blog is because I thought the time was right. It is also very useful to have a backlog of things I come across in the field so I can revisit this. And last but not least, I think the VMware community is a very powerful tool and I’d like to contribute to it. 

So what to expect?

Expect how-to’s, tips and tricks, news and general information about virtualization and cloud management. Products include but are not limited to, VMware vSphere, vRealize automation and vRealize Orchestrator.


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